Track and collaborate on everything that your baby "needs"...

bebe.report is a platform that helps you to collaborate and track all your baby's "needs" such as breastfeeding, diaper change, sleep & play time...
together with your partner, pediatre, doctors, nannies...

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The Story

We are Michel and Jacqueline, two new parents who came up with this app to help us take care of our baby Eliot.

When Eliot was born, his doctor recommended us to record the times of his milk feedings to make sure he is getting enough, because Eliot is a super sleepy baby.

When he is crying, what could be the reason? When was the last time he had his diaper changed? Or got food? And how much did it get?

Questions, when knowing the answer is helping us a lot.

The Story

What is bebe.report?

bebe.report is a mobile app that let you register your breastfeeding activities.

Babies crave routine; as a parent, you do everything you can to provide a comforting and predictable schedule for your little one. bebe.report is here to support you along the way. That’s why we’ve created an app that is intuitive, fuss-free, and shareable across multiple devices—so you have more time to spend on the important stuff.

Thus, through the app, we note the baby's feeding times and diaper changes, which helps a lot to anticipate their needs and know their evolution. Having this updated information available to both parents allows either of us to intervene to take care of the baby when he needs it, and, in addition, this record is also useful for the pediatrician's consultation.

What is Bebe.report

Why you should use bebe.report?

Knowing the reason for the baby's crying, if it is because it is time for a diaper change or if it is because of hunger, is one of the main doubts of all parents, especially new parents like us. And with this app, we parents can learn more about our babies' habits and anticipate their needs, just by recording the times of milk feedings and diaper changes, in order to receive alerts when enough time has elapsed for a new feeding or change.

Knowing the details of our babies' habits allows both parents to share the tasks of care and parenting from their first months, and is a useful source of information to have on hand during monthly check-ups and consultations with the pediatrician.

Why you should use bebe.report?




Log everything, how much bootle feed, breat feed your baby gets, when does his diaper get changed, how long was he stimulate, log everything about your baby.



Log everything is great, but making sense of them with simple chart is better. We have integrated great looking charts for you to make sense of all of it.



You need your partner, your nannies to log activities about the baby, see report... not a problem. Your pediatrician needs to review all the data, no problem as well.


Try it out and let us know what you think.

This tool is helping us, it can help you too.

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